Sunday, September 19, 2010

Save any video from any website which has video contents to stream

This trick is for those who wish to watch youtube/metacafe videos without logging onto internet to stream it again and again, or want to make collection of videos from youtube or metacafe. This trick will always work without any 3rd party softwares such as youtube downloader or IDM.

1.> The very first step is to use a firefox browser or a chrome browser for ease for watching streaming videos.

2.> Watching the video until it completely buffers (light red colored line finishes).

3.> Now open a new tab or window, and on the address bar type: "about:cache" (without quotes) and hit enter key to see the following window.

4.> This window displays location of cache directory, where our video lies. Sort the list of cache files by "date" and "size" by clicking over them respectively. The higher sized file is our buffered video. Copy this scarily named file to your desktop.

5.> Now its time to change the name and extension of this file as "anyname.flv"
the .flv stands for flash video. Note that you must remove tick-mark from the "view folder options" which says "hide extensions of known file types".

6.> Enjoy the video as many no. of times you want.
7.> If you use the Google chrome browser dont worry, you can directly paste this following path into windows address bar:

C:\Users\varun\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache

How to make your own Windows 7 Themes

You can make your own themes in windows 7 itself, theres no need of any third party software to do this task.

1.> The first step in making a theme is to create a folder and dump all the favorite wallpapers into it. See image below for example.

2.> Now on the desktop, Right click on mouse to choose "personalise" option.

3.> Now see below to choose "desktop back-grounds" button, here you have to specify the folder in which you have dumped all the wallpapers, you can also set time and alignment of the picture in the same window, and clik "save changes".

4.> Now its about choosing the task bar and the windows color. after making changes you can click over the "windows color" button next to "desktop backgrounds". Again save changes after choosing a theme color of your choice.

5.> Now its up-to you whether you wish to also change the windows sounds at every event of closing or error events.

6.> Now there are two options to save a theme, a.) save only to your computer b.) save the theme for sharing.

7.> I prefer option b. because you can share your own made theme with your friends as a file.

8.> For saving a theme made by you, you should now "Right" click on the "unsaved theme" button in "personalize" options.